PM Modi inaugurates Dhola-Sadiya in Assam: All you need to know about India’s longest bridge

PM Modi inaugurates Dhola-Sadiya in Assam: All you need to know about India’s longest bridge

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated India’s longest period, the Dhola-Sadiya Bridge 9.15 km across the Lohit River, after the further east of Assam May 26

The bridge is 3.55 km more than the maritime link of Bandra-Worli in Mumbai. The opening of the bridge is one of the highlights of the Modi program during its visit to Assam to attend the first anniversary of the Bharatiya Janata state government.

A lot is one of three rivers – the others are Dibang and Siang – which meet to form the Brahmaputra downstream of the bridge site, which connects the town of Dhola and Sadiya city 540 km east of the main city of Assam, Guwahati.

The bridge, designed to facilitate the movement of tanks, should help the troop movements on the border with China in the Walloon-Kibithu sector in southern Arunachal Pradesh. The sector had fallen to Tawang in the north-west of the Chinese during the War of 1962.

The project, worth Rs 950 million rupees, began in 2011. This will reduce travel time for people of all river Lohit bank for at least eight hours.

But Dhola-Sadiya is not the only bridge in the northeast that goes into the log books.

It is also expected to be inaugurated in 2018, Bogibeel, the fourth most east of the Brahmaputra bridge. The bridge near the city of Dibrugarh, 4.94 km long, will be the longest road lane bridge in India.

Like Dhola-Sadiya, Bogibeel will also be of great strategic importance, as it will allow the movements faster troops through the Brahmaputra, in addition to providing a direct link between the people on the opposing banks should take a detour of 500 Km to Through the existing bridge at Kalia Bhomora aval.Bogibeel connects Dibrugarh on the south bank of the Brahmaputra and Silapathar on the north coast.

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