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Is not it frustrating when you find an interesting game but you can not play because of the scarcity of coins, keys or jewelry? Do not want to unlock levels and enjoy your game without problems? If so, then Freedom Apk is the application created for you. Many games and applications have become very popular with people since the launch of Android devices. People like to enjoy games anywhere. Games prevent us from relaxing and give us the much-needed break from the monotony of life. However, what is really frustrating is that most games and applications come with in-app purchases.

Due to the immense popularity of applications and games, many developers are making great games and applications. They even earn money for ads that appear between games. In addition to the commercials, the developers earn big purchases in the application. Just when you’re in love with gameplay, you have to buy to maintain momentum, you can unlock a car, character or other game resources. Similarly, some applications have their premium version more attractive than the free version.


The creators of applications and games are very intelligent and make purchases in applications, so that it is necessary that the users go there. However, if you purchase premium products in your app or games, you’ll need to create a Google Wallet account that requires an international credit card. The problem here is that most of us do not have an international credit card. Secondly, it is not a good thing to lose your hard-earned money on such purchases.

About Freedom Apk:

The application of freedom is a blessing in such cases. You can save money and enjoy many free games and applications with Freedom apk. It is an essential application for all ardent players. The Freedom application is an application that allows you to avoid free shopping in the application. It allows you to enjoy games and applications without interruption.

You can use the application to unlock new levels, recharge energy, have coins, gems, keys, unlockers, cars and many other resources. There are premium versions of many applications and you can use them for free with the Freedom application.

The app is not available in any legal application, either Play Store or Amazon App Store. Although you can not download it directly from credible stores, you can find it on the official Freedom apk website or other sources. To install this application, you must first download your Freedom APK file to your smartphone or to your computer. You can then install it directly on your smartphone.

The Freedom app is a hacking tool that ignores the Google Play credit verification system. Create a fake credit card to make purchases in the application. Although the card is empty, it is designed to convince Google Play that a purchase has been made.

The important thing about this application is that it needs root access. It will not work on your Android device if it is not rooted. Therefore, it is essential that you rip your smartphone before installing the application. This tool works well on devices with roots that have an Android version of Lollipop and above.


Package Name Freedom Apk
Version 1.8.0
Last Updated 11 August 2017
App Size 1.6MB
Root Permissions Required? Yes

US says some remains of sailors found on USS John McCain

US says some remains of sailors found on USS John McCain

US says some remains of sailors found on USS John McCain

The commander of the US Pacific Fleet said that some remains of Navy sailors were found in a USS John McCain compartment on Tuesday, a day after the warship collision with an oil tanker in the US Waters of southeast Asia left 10 sailors absent.

The Adm. Scott Swift also told a press conference in Singapore that Malaysian officials had found a body that had not yet been identified.

The search center of the missing sailors moved Tuesday to the flooded compartments of damaged destroyers. The collision Monday destroyed a gaping hole in McCain’s left rear hull and flooded the adjacent compartments, including crew berths and machinery and communication rooms. Five sailors were wounded.

“Divers have been able to locate remains in these sealed compartments during their search today,” said Adm Swift, adding that it was “premature to say how much and what is the status of the recovery of these bodies” .

“We will continue search and rescue operations until the probability of discovering the sailors is exhausted,” Adm said. Swift.

This was the second major collision in two months involving the 7th Pacific Fleet, and the Navy ordered an extensive investigation into its performance and preparation. Seven sailors died in June when the USS Fitzgerald and a container struck waters off Japan.

There were two lesser known incidents in the first half of the year. In January, the anti-missile cruiser USS Antietam ran aground near the base of Yokosuka, the home port of the 7th fleet, and in May another cruiser, the USS Lake Champlain of the Navy’s 3rd fleet, Had a minor collision with a South Korean fishing boat.

“While each of these four incidents is unique, they can not be considered in isolation,” Adm Swift said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the 7th Fleet said that US and Singapore-based maritime and maritime research would continue east of Singapore where the McCain and the oil tanker struck the day, but The deployment of divers searching in the warship, now docked at Singapore’s naval base, has been a hit for families who still hope for a miracle.

Megan Partlow of Ohio, who said her fiance was aboard the McCain, told The Associated Press in a Facebook message that she had communicated on Sunday and that she was losing hope of seeing him again.

“My last text for him was” be safe “, which is the same way we finish each conversation. I’m just ready for the answers,” she said. The identity of the missing was not revealed, but Ms. Partlow testified that her fiance’s parents were in contact with the Navy’s Family Assistance Center.

Navy Chief Steward John Richardson, commander of naval operations, ordered Monday a pause in Fleet 7 operations for the next few days to allow commanders to meet with leaders, seamen and Command and identify the immediate steps to follow to ensure security ….

Afghan reaction mixed on Trump’s tough-talking speech

Afghan reaction mixed on Trump's tough-talking speech

Afghan reaction mixed on Trump’s tough-talking speech

Afghan Afghans welcomed President Donald Trump’s harsh words for Pakistan in a speech outlining his strategy for the war-torn country that critics have offered few details and ruled out the construction of the nation.

Abdullah Abdullah, the second most powerful of the presidency, told a news conference that the US strategy is a unique opportunity to achieve peaceful objectives in the region.

“The regional aspect of this strategy is very clear,” he said. “This shows that the problem has been very well identified.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump said that US troops had a unique program and that this was to eliminate extremist fighters.

“We are not rebuilding the nation,” he said Monday night. “We kill the terrorists.”

Trump accused Pakistan of giving foreigners a safe haven while they are in Afghanistan, they are killing US troops. He said he wanted “immediate” results without saying what actions the United States could take against Pakistan if it ignored its warning.

But analysts in Pakistan have warned that isolating Islamabad as the sole culprit could boost the influence of regional players such as Russia, China and even Iran.

Imtiaz Gul, executive director of the Islamabad-based Center for Research and Security Studies, said that Mr. Trump’s allegations: “This story was the same in the last 15 years only increased in the attack. Gul warned that the president’s words could focus more on an area that needs cooperation to find a peaceful end to the protracted conflict in Afghanistan.

The United States and Afghanistan have regularly accused Pakistan, in particular, its powerful intelligence agency, the ISI of harboring the insurgents and conducting a selective war, attacking the insurgents, which it considers its enemy and allowing the ones it has used As proxies, whether against the hostile neighbors of India or Afghanistan, to thrive.

Prior to Mr Trump’s speech on Monday, Pakistan’s military spokesman General Asif Ghafoor refused to speculate on what the US president might say, but said he was clearly expecting criticism saying “No There is an organized terrorist network in Pakistan and actions have been taken without discrimination against all terrorist organizations. ”

A university professor in Kabul and analyst Ahmad Zia Rafhat greeted Mr. Trump’s harsh words against neighboring Pakistan.

“For the first time, the Afghan people have heard a clear comment from the US president in Pakistan, in particular that Trump has made it very clear that Pakistan supports and provides shelters for terrorists,” he said.

Other Afghans interviewed by the PA in the capital Kabul have expressed fears of a worsening situation in the country, deploring corruption in functioning, high unemployment and the deadliest attacks. Several said that Mr. Trump said that it was not a question of solving these problems ….

Raqqa: US-led strikes ‘kill 100 civilians’ in 48 hours

Raqqa: US-led strikes 'kill 100 civilians' in 48 hours

Raqqa: US-led strikes ‘kill 100 civilians’ in 48 hours

At least 100 civilians were killed in the last 48 hours of US-led air strikes targeting fighters in Raqqa, the de facto capital in Syria’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Residents told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that at least 100 civilians have died since Sunday, with 55 civilians killed in al-Bedou and Sukhani’s eastern neighborhoods Monday.
Meanwhile, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has put the number of dead on Monday at 42, including 19 children and 12 women, and said 27 people died on Sunday, for a total Of 69 people.
Syria: under the fist of Russia (25:00)
The killings occurred on the second day of a ferocious Raqaa bombing campaign, more than half of which was captured by Syrian-backed Democratic forces fighting the ISIL, also known as ISIS.

“The tolls are high because air strikes hit the outskirts of the city center, which are densely packed with civilians,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of SOHR, told AFP news agency.

“There are buildings full of civilians trying to get away from the front lines.

“The coalition air strikes point to any building where movements are detected [ISIL].”

Earlier this month, aid groups Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reported that food and medicines to treat the wounded were insufficient.

“In the city of Raqqa, if they do not die of air attacks, they die by mortar fire, if not by mortars and snipers, if not by snipers, and then by an explosive device,” MSF quoted 41 – Fled Raqqa after losing seven members of the family in the fight.

“And if he lives, he is beset by hunger and thirst, because there is no food, no water, no electricity.”

Thousands of people trapped

The US-led coalition, which operates in neighboring Syria and Iraq, says it is taking all possible steps to prevent civilian casualties.

In August, he acknowledged the deaths of 624 civilians in their attacks in Syria and Iraq since 2014, but defense groups say the number is much higher.

The United Nations estimates that up to 25,000 civilians are trapped inside the city, with short and prohibitive supplies of food and fuel.

Syrian humanitarian spokesman Jan Egeland said that ISIL-controlled territory in the city of Raqqa is now “the worst place” in the war-ravaged country.

The Syrian conflict, which began with peaceful protests in March 2011 before President Bashar Assad, has turned into a civil war with several sides.