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Is not it frustrating when you find an interesting game but you can not play because of the scarcity of coins, keys or jewelry? Do not want to unlock levels and enjoy your game without problems? If so, then Freedom Apk is the application created for you. Many games and applications have become very popular with people since the launch of Android devices. People like to enjoy games anywhere. Games prevent us from relaxing and give us the much-needed break from the monotony of life. However, what is really frustrating is that most games and applications come with in-app purchases.

Due to the immense popularity of applications and games, many developers are making great games and applications. They even earn money for ads that appear between games. In addition to the commercials, the developers earn big purchases in the application. Just when you’re in love with gameplay, you have to buy to maintain momentum, you can unlock a car, character or other game resources. Similarly, some applications have their premium version more attractive than the free version.


The creators of applications and games are very intelligent and make purchases in applications, so that it is necessary that the users go there. However, if you purchase premium products in your app or games, you’ll need to create a Google Wallet account that requires an international credit card. The problem here is that most of us do not have an international credit card. Secondly, it is not a good thing to lose your hard-earned money on such purchases.

About Freedom Apk:

The application of freedom is a blessing in such cases. You can save money and enjoy many free games and applications with Freedom apk. It is an essential application for all ardent players. The Freedom application is an application that allows you to avoid free shopping in the application. It allows you to enjoy games and applications without interruption.

You can use the application to unlock new levels, recharge energy, have coins, gems, keys, unlockers, cars and many other resources. There are premium versions of many applications and you can use them for free with the Freedom application.

The app is not available in any legal application, either Play Store or Amazon App Store. Although you can not download it directly from credible stores, you can find it on the official Freedom apk website or other sources. To install this application, you must first download your Freedom APK file to your smartphone or to your computer. You can then install it directly on your smartphone.

The Freedom app is a hacking tool that ignores the Google Play credit verification system. Create a fake credit card to make purchases in the application. Although the card is empty, it is designed to convince Google Play that a purchase has been made.

The important thing about this application is that it needs root access. It will not work on your Android device if it is not rooted. Therefore, it is essential that you rip your smartphone before installing the application. This tool works well on devices with roots that have an Android version of Lollipop and above.


Package Name Freedom Apk
Version 1.8.0
Last Updated 11 August 2017
App Size 1.6MB
Root Permissions Required? Yes

The push Indian healthcare needs

The push Indian healthcare needs

One of the goals of sustainable development 17 (SDG) articulated by the United Nations in 2015 “Ensure a healthy life and promote well-being for all at all ages.” India is one of the countries that have accepted the sustainable development program. Governments, business and civil society must combine to mobilize efforts to achieve 2030. It is also doubtful that continued innovation, both in medicines that meet medical needs not covered in delivery health services, is essential to achieve The health goal. Fundamental to innovation is an intellectual property system that provides world-class insurance needed to promote research and encourage sustained investment over many years to develop new products and technologies. It is important for India to implement an IP (IP) environment that recognizes the value of medicine and rewards innovation.
Mapping the human genome has given confidence that medical research will continue the search for new R & D and the pace of medical discovery will be a big leap. In fact, Francis Collins, a former director of the National Institute for Human Genome Research (NHGRI) in the US, pointed out that the genome could be thought of in terms of a multi-purpose book and a manual flame medicine with The transformative ideas that give health care providers immediate new powers to prevent, treat and cure the disease. Advances in related fields also show accelerated research in health outcomes and medicine: large science and data research, technological advances in computer simulation and telemedicine and the convergence of different scientific streams are very promising for Better innovation of better diagnostic tools, improved treatment protocols, targeted drugs, next-generation medical devices, etc.
Globally, the research-based pharmaceutical industry invested about 58.8 billion R & D in 2015; More than 7000 drugs are under development. Globally, many advances have been made in the field of medical innovation. Unfortunately, the pace of biomedical innovation has not been planned in India. As a result, patients in India have not fully benefited from the unlimited possibilities of medical innovation and the discovery of new drugs. The fundamental problem seems to be that innovation is not sufficiently stimulated and that intellectual property is not fully protected in India. It is crucial for innovative biopharmaceutical companies to reap the benefits of a robust intellectual property rights system that ensures investments in life-saving drug development are justified. New technologies and medical treatment are born unique inventions essential to improve patient care, stimulate economic growth and build an economy of innovation. For the long-term benefits of improving patient health and economic growth, innovators must be able to effectively secure and enforce patents and intellectual property protection.
At present, the importance of creating synergies and providing adequate funding for medical research is underestimated. Therefore, there is a serious lack of public-private collaboration in medical research and delivery. The only successful example of public-private collaboration in medical and pharmaceutical research, as far as I know, has been carried out at the National Chemical Laboratories (NCL), Pune, under the prominent leadership of R. A. Mashelkar. He was the pioneer of collaborative research between NCL scientists and the private sector, which would have produced initial breakthroughs. The current situation may not be as robust as we could barely hear the NCL and public-private collaboration efforts in medical research these days.

Bodies, Wreckage Of Myanmar Military Plane Found In Sea

Bodies, Wreckage Of Myanmar Military Plane Found In Sea

Yangon, Myanmar: Myanmar military said Thursday it found the remains of a plane in the Andaman Sea, which disappeared with 120 people aboard, with several bodies.

A naval research boat that ran the waves found the body of a man, a woman and a child and luggage, safety vests and the tires are suspected to be from the plane wheel.

“We found the plane and some bodies this morning around 8:25 am (0155 GMT),” a spokesman for the military intelligence team told AFP.

The commander’s office confirmed that the remains had been found on the Launglon coast in southern Myanmar Thursday morning.

Nine warships and three air force planes had been deployed in a desperate search for the plane, which disappeared Wednesday afternoon during the flight from the southern city of Myeik to Yangon the commercial heart of Myanmar.

There were conflicting reports on the number of people on board, but in the latest update, the military said the plane carried a total of 122 people.

More than half of the passengers were from military families, including 15 children and 35 soldiers and 14 crew members, the army chief’s office said in a statement.

Some travel for medical examinations or to go to school in Yangon.

The search and rescue efforts continued Thursday morning as the passenger parents prepared for the worst.

Wai Lin Aung said his mother was on the flight after visiting his sister, who is married to a soldier based in Myeik.

“The whole family is very sad and we are waiting for news,” he told AFP.

It is the monsoon season in Myanmar, but there was no storm alert in the area at that time.

The commander’s office said the plane loses contact with air traffic control at 13.35 (07:05 GMT) Wednesday, about half an hour after takeoff.

The Myanmar army captain of the four turboprop engines Shaanxi Y-8 as Lieutenant Colonel Chan Nyein, who said he had more than 3000 hours of designated flight experience.

The plane was purchased in March 2016 and had a total of 809 flight hours.

The remains were found in the Andaman Sea, north of the last known location of Flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines.

The plane disappeared in March 2014 on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board, but no remains were found.

Myanmar’s military fleet has seen a recent history of aviation accidents.

A group of five people was killed when an Air Force plane broke quickly after taking off from the capital Naypyidaw in February last year.

Three army officers also died in June when their Mi-2 helicopter crashed on a hill and exploded in the southern center of Bago.