India vs Sri Lanka, ICC Champions Trophy 2017: With key figures missing for Sri Lanka, who will stop India now?

India vs Sri Lanka, ICC Champions Trophy 2017: With key figures missing for Sri Lanka, who will stop India now?

“I always wondered a few days ago, I asked.” Can you come and play with us, you know, in this game? “It was an absolute form” was published to Angelo Mathews. Asked Kumar Sangakkara to reconsider his retirement and rescue his team again. Was a request to the mother tongue. And it was assumed that Mathews was the answer. But maybe there was some truth there. He could not in any way be guilty. Was the eve of the second match in Sri Lanka during the Champions Trophy against India. And Mathews & Co has just concluded a long workout at the oval, home-ground this summer of Sangakkara an English Summer English during which he transforms the qualifying cores into a hobby, already with five -. Four trot.
And Sri Lanka Sangakkara can see with go on Thursday. If Pakistan, India’s first opponents were a relatively unknown team, the Lanka are a team, not so much transformation, they are in conflict. His hype was deep against South Africa, and he also lost his captain and the more experienced hitter, Upul Tharanga, due to the heinous excess – Lasith Malinga in a time to take seven minutes to finish a overcome. Then, on Wednesday morning, Chamara Kapugedera, the second battery of the head of the last part, injured his knee and discarded. Kapugedera, who did almost as many times as the number of years he remained in good measure achieved the 0 strokes against the proteas. And perhaps the only reason why Mathews, who missed the opening game for a calf injury, is playing because he has no choice. So to say that Sri Lanka start the game on Thursday as purely pure strangers would be insufficient. To be against them, there will be an Indian team that seems to have all bases covered and
There was a greenish tint in the field on the oval. In recent years, he would have sent panic signals into the wardrobe of India. But it was the opposition that seemed to shudder this time, with a series of Lanka visiting a nerve center of the oval mark to get an idea of ​​what awaits them in a day. India are likely to cling to their four attacking tracks, leaving R Ashwin on the bench and for good reason.
The Indians, by the way, have not bothered to venture into the countryside. They headed straight to the practice windows in the right corner of the Tenison Terrace booth and started their business. It was also at the time when organizers are testing sound systems around the oval. And the only song they continued to play in a loop from the moment Virat Kohli & Co came to practice and left the Queen “Do not Stop Me Now”. And a fitter song would not have chosen, given the words of Freddie Mercury – “Do not stop me now, I have a good time, I have a ball, do not stop me now” – perfectly resonated with the mood in the camp Indian. And it does not seem in any mood to have a quick stop ball. Somehow, they creaked these lines to heartbreaking gods of England, they made sure that their practice was at least done without interruption, and indeed in full sun.
Thursday’s election day in England. And all the conversations around the tube and in the pubs of London have focused on the battle between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, with graffiti and posters that have all been used a Tory victory. It is therefore unlikely that the game between India and Sri Lanka attracts too much ground neutrality. But the feeling will not be neutral for Mathews and his young team. They are always going to walk in an Indian pot, about 11,000 in the stands, and 11 very confident and cerebral men.

Dozens of civilians, including children, reported dead in US-led strikes on Raqqa

Dozens of civilians, including children, reported dead in US-led strikes on Raqqa

Dozens of civilians, including children, reported dead in US-led strikes on Raqqa

At least 42 civilians, including 19 children, were killed Monday in US-led coalition air strikes against Raqqa, a follow-up group said, while the battle for the Islamic state’s self- ) Reaches densely populated urban areas.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (Sohr) said the western air strikes in Raqqa killed at least 167 civilians in the last week, marking a sharp increase in civilian casualties.

“The tolls are high because air strikes hit the outskirts of the city center, which are densely packed with civilians,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, director of SOHR.

“There are buildings full of civilians trying to get away from the front.”

The US-led coalition attacks are carried out in support of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters that captured more than half of Raqqa during a two-month offensive.

A sniper Syrian democratic forces aims with his weapon during clashes with the fighters of the Islamic State in the old town of Raqqa, Syria

A Syrian democratic sniper aims with his gun during clashes with the fighters of the Islamic State in the old town of Raqqa, Syria REUTERS / ZOHRA BENSEMRA
The number of civilians killed by US-led coalition airstrikes increased this summer amid fierce fighting in Mosul, Raqqa and now the Iraqi city of Tal Afar.

Airwars, a group that tracks air strikes in Iraq and Syria, says 4,887 to 7,528 civilians are likely to be killed by Western air strikes since 2014. The coalition has recognized 624 civilian deaths over the same period.

The US-led coalition, which includes Britain, France and Australia, says it is taking all possible steps to prevent civilian casualties.

About 25,000 civilians are believed to be trapped inside Raqqa and the SDF said Isil uses many of them as “human shields” to try to curb the advance of the aggression forces.

“We have opened the safe routes for civilians to safely cross areas controlled by forces that help the civilian population almost every day and transfer them to safe areas,” said Talal Sello SDF spokesman.

“One of the main reasons for the slow progress in the fight against Raqqa is the preservation of civilian life and to avoid massive losses between them.”
Several families have several members killed by coalition air strikes, according to Raqqa received a silent shot (RBSS), a radical group containing a secret in the city under the Isil government.

Indian-American among 12 new astronauts chosen by Nasa

Indian-American among 12 new astronauts chosen by Nasa

HOUSTON: US space agency NASA has selected 12 new astronauts, including an Indian-American, a record number of more than 18,000 candidates, who will be trained for missions to orbit the Earth and deep space.
The seven men and five women constitute the Class 22 United States flight attendants since 1959. This is the largest group that NASA has selected in almost two decades.
It was selected from a record 18,300 applicants – more than NASA has had for an astronaut called Open.
To be chosen, people had to meet certain physical requirements and certain criteria of education and experience, such as a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field or accumulate up to 1 000 hours flying planes.
But it is clear that this new class far exceeds all the minimum skills required by NASA.
After completing two years of training, new astronaut candidates could be assigned to missions conducting research on the International Space Station, from American soil in the spacecraft built by commercial companies and deep space missions Orion’s new spacecraft NASA and space rocket launch system.
Vice President Mike Pence joined NASA leaders, including Acting Director Robert Lightfoot and Flight Operations Director Brian Kelly in Houston, Texas, to announce new astronaut candidates, or “Ascaris.”
The event was placed within the space space of the Johnson Space Center spacecraft in front of a large-scale engineering model of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, new astronauts could fly in the coming years on missions beyond Earth’s orbit low.
Pence said President Donald Trump is “firmly committed” to NASA’s mission in space and that “America is back in space.”
He said NASA will continue to have the resources to “make history” – even if the budget request of the president cut funds and cancel some agency programs.
He also mentioned that NASA will continue to work with the commercial space industry in the future.
In issuing the speech, Pence presented the merits of the new class of astronauts.
“The value of these men and women, and all the astronauts who preceded me today, inspire me even,” he said.
The 12 new candidates include six military officers, three scientists, two physicians, a senior engineer of SpaceX and a pilot research Nasa.Le Col Raja “Grinder” Shari, 39, commander of the 461st Flight Test Squadron and the Director of the F-35 Integrated Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base in California.
From Waterloo, Iowa, Chari holds a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and graduated from the US Naval Pilot School. His father is from India.
Lt Kayla “Sax” Barron, 29, is a United States Navy submarine officer in Richland, Washington. Member of the first US Navy Women’s Advocate responsible for the underwater community, Barron is NASA’s Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where she serves as an aid to the Superintendent.
Zena Cardman, 29, is a geobiologist who had done research at Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania. His research focused on microorganisms in underground environments from caves to oceanic sediments.
Lieutenant Commander Matthew Dominick, the 35-year-old department is the head of the Strike Fighters squadron of the US Navy. 115. Born and raised in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Dominick was at sea on the USS Ronald Reagan when he telephoned May 25 to say that he had been selected as a candidate for the astronaut.

Iran terror attacks: Donald Trump offers victims solace, but takes a swipe at Tehran

Iran terror attacks: Donald Trump offers victims solace, but takes a swipe at Tehran

Washington: President Donald Trump offered on Wednesday for victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, suggesting that Tehran suffers from some blame, saying that “States that sponsor risk terrorism is victims of the damage being done by the promotion”.

Hours after the conciliar comments of his State Department, the president said in a statement in a paragraph that the afflicé United States and pray for the innocent victims of the aggression against the Iranian Parliament and the shrine of the Iranian revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Which killed at least 12 people. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility. Tony added his advantage against Iran, that the USA. Has designated as the state sponsor of terrorism since 1984.

“We emphasize that the states that sponsor terrorism risk are victims of the evil they are promoting,” he said.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said the Is sending thoughts and prayers to the Iranians after the attacks.

“The depravity of terrorism does not take place in a peaceful and civilized world,” said M. Nauert, who said the United States expresses its condolences to the victims and their families.

The American Declaration of Solidarity with the Victims of the Attack is significant because of the deep mistrust between the United States and the United States. And Iran. The two countries do not maintain diplomatic relations, and Trump Directors emphasized the need to counter Iran’s influence.

Iran’s mistrust was evident Wednesday shortly after the ruling, Republicans, and Democrats in Congress have acted on a procedural vote to advance in a new round of sanctions against Iran including its elite revolutionary guards. The strong bipartisan vote was 92 to 7 years.

The bill would impose mandatory sanctions on those involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program and anyone who works with them. The measure would also apply sanctions against the Revolutionary Guards terrorists in the country and impose an arms embargo.

Some senators have called for a delay until next week of the planned voting earlier in light of the attacks in Iran.

“We are going to tell the Iranian people that if we have serious disagreements with them about a series of problems today when they are in mourning, when they have the shock of a terrorist attack, today is not the day of the future this legislation, “Said Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., Has also forced a delay, but Republicans and Democrats continue.

The bill is a “careful response to Iran’s ongoing aggression in the Middle East,” said Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

Last month, the Foreign Relations Committee endorsed the move despite concerns by former Secretary of State John Kerry and many Democrats who could ultimately lead to the failure of the Obama-negotiated nuclear deal.

Kerry warned lawmakers to “walk with caution” in seeking new sanctions against Iran following the re-election of President Hassan Rouhani to another four-year term. Rouhani is a moderate policy that scored a resounding victory on a hard-line opponent.

Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, the Republican chair of the committee and one of the promoters of the bill, said it recently considered secret information that helped explain Tehran’s support for terrorism and other destabilizing measures.

“It is surprising that Iran continues around the world,” said Corker, who invites his colleagues to address the threat posed by Iran.

In exchange for the termination of its nuclear program in Iran, the United States and other world powers have agreed to suspend the oil, trade and financial sanctions that have stifled the Iranian economy. As part of the multinational agreement in July 2015, Iran has also regained access to frozen assets abroad.

‘I Expect Loyalty,’ Trump Told Comey, According To Written Testimony

'I Expect Loyalty,' Trump Told Comey, According To Written Testimony

WASHINGTON: FBI Director James Comey said President Donald Trump told him at the White House: “I need loyalty, I expect loyalty” in his private conversation at the White House dinner in January, according to written comments Comey offer an acute view of his testimony Thursday in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In seven noteworthy pages of prepared testimony, Comey describes a loyalty-obsessed president and publicly sketched his name amid an FBI investigation of his associates and the growing discomfort of the FBI’s director with the nature of the petitions being presented to him by his talks Private partnerships.

Since Comey’s departure last month, the president denied that he asked an FBI loyalty director during a Justice Department investigation into possible coordination between Trump Associates and Russian agents. Written Supportive Comments Comey Another Trump Claim – The FBI Director has repeatedly assured the President that he was not personally under investigation.

But in general, the testimony of Comey Trump presents as CEO that made the director of the FBI deeply uncomfortable in nine separate private talks, from his first meeting in early January Trump before being sworn in his position. In this conversation, Comey warned the president-elect of a folder that was circulating with baseless accusations against him and his advisers.

The details described by Comey are likely to further fuel the debate over the fact that the president may have tried to obstruct justice by pushing the FBI director over the sensitive investigation.
Robert Costa, the station explores how testimony from Sen. James B. Comey, a former FBI director, June 8 could have a lasting impact on President Trump’s tenure. (Video: Bastien Inzaurralde / Photo: Matt McClain / The Washington Post)

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr, R-N.C., Who heads the Senate probe over Russia’s possible cooperation with Trump’s partners, said he was not alarmed by the Comey account.

“I do not think it is a mistake to ask the faithful to anybody in administration,” Burr said. “I do not think I read, there was no crime.”

Comey wrote with almost novelistic details in his interactions with the president, who describes a call on January 27, around lunchtime, inviting him to dinner.

“It was not clear from the conversation that the other was going to be at dinner, although he assumed there would be others,” Comey said. “It turned out to be just the two of us, sitting at a small oval table in the middle of the green room.” Two naval administrators were waiting for us, just entering the room to serve food and drinks. ”

The president began the conversation, Comey wrote, asking him if he wanted to stay as director of the FBI, “which struck me as strange because he had already told me twice in previous conversations that he expected me to stay again, and I was sure he wanted to.

The president responded, according to Comey, many people wanted to work and “he would understand if he wanted to retire.”

Comey’s instinct, he wrote, was stage and conversation “meant that dinner was at least in part, an effort that I ask of my work and creates a kind of employer relationship.” I was very concerned, given the state traditionally Independent of the FBI in the executive branch “.

The Senate Intelligence Committee on June 7 issued a written statement that former FBI Director James B. Comey read when he appears before the Senate on June 8. This is what you need to know. (Video: Bastien Inzaurralde / Photo: Matt McClain / The Washington Post)

The President made loyalty request.

“I do not move, speak or change facial expression in any way during the awkward silence that followed,” Comey wrote. “I just looked in silence.” The conversation continued but returned to the subject near the end of our dinner. ”

When he turns to the subject of fidelity, Comey said he replied, “You will always get honesty from me.”

Comey said that once before Trump’s inauguration, and again at dinner in January, he assured the president that he was not personally under investigation. He also told the president that he had shared this information with the leaders of Congress.

In his letter pulling Comey, Trump wrote that three times Comey had assured that it was not investigated. After the shooting, the defenders have publicly questioned Comey

Why Old-Timey Jobs Are Hot Again

Why Old-Timey Jobs Are Hot Again

Walk in parts of Brooklyn, Portland and Pittsburgh, and find elegant cocktails, barbers and occasional butchers, with young college graduates. To facilitate the segment of today’s urban economy, jobs were once again reckoned the state of semi-annual joblessness in occupations of glamor, says sociologist Richard Ocejo.

In his new book, “Masters of Art: Old Jobs in the New Urban Economy,” M. Ocejo examines the forces driving the revival of professions as a butcher and waiter among the young urban middle class. A similar dynamic works with a handful of other jobs, including craft beer, the bookbinder, furniture maker and fishmonger.

The Department of Labor states that between 2014 and 2024, the number of waiters and hairdressers in the United States will increase by 10 percent. 100, while butchers will see an increase of 5 percent. 100, compared to a 7% job growth for professions in the same period. The average salary for these jobs was less than $ 30,000 per year in 2016.

Millennia are drawn to these professions, in part as a reaction to “the ephemeral of the digital age,” says Ocejo, a professor of sociology at John Jay University of Criminal Justice and the City University of New York Graduate Center.

Like many of today’s most publicized jobs in areas such as information technology and financial services, these trades “are based on the use of hands, with real tools and materials, to provide a specific product Tangible, “he said.

To attract young people with college degrees and other options in the job market, jobs usually have an element of performance, according to M. Ocejo. In most of the Masters of Craft races, workers interact closely with clients, often in a public context, where their skills and knowledge can be admired. Therefore, it is unlikely that certain manual positions like the electrician and the plumber, experiencing the same “revaluation,” he said.

Unlike real estate gentrification, where the arrival of wealthier people moves low-income residents into a neighborhood urbanites do not usually move workers into more established companies in the same industry, said M. Ocejo.
Whole animal fashion of a butcher does not grow the local boucherier said, as it is likely “closed long ago, when the Italians moved.” And it does not harm halal butchers in any neighborhood. These shops serve a different clientele.

“They have created a niche that did not exist before, and operate in parallel but very, very separate ways” with preexisting companies, said M. Ocejo.

But aesthetics play a key role in the ideal of craftsmanship: waiters with leagues and handlebar mustaches tattooed butchers carving an unusual cut of meat-Mr. Ocejo said that jobs tend to attract people from similar cultural backgrounds, creating a barrier to others.

“It’s very difficult, if you come from a working class or a minority to get one of these jobs, which would give you higher salaries, opportunities for contacts and a more interesting job,” he said. “It’s a challenge for these companies to be more inclusive and not just hire people like themselves or part of their social network.”

War Machine movie review: In which Brad Pitt plays an idiot to explosive success

War Machine movie review: In which Brad Pitt plays an idiot to explosive success

But there is more than just the efficiency these characters play. That’s what he did with them. They are given a purpose. They put on a mission – keep in mind, it’s a mission they are completely ill-equipped to deal with – but in their empty little heads, brimming with delights of magnitude, they are experts.

I will never forget – despite my misty casually recall abilities – Burn after reading the film, especially the silly smile, Pitt turns on his face before receiving a shot, or Lieutenant Aldo Raine Bastardos without glory and his impeccably inept approach Italian (Goar -lah-mee). And although it can rightly be argued that the pikey rapture is not an obstacle – as turns out to be quite the plot demon at the end – that Pitt acts as one in the film should be classified for the League of Extraordinary Gentle-idiots.

In the war machine, the new political satire of director David Michod, who is also in the process of broadcasting the best film of Netflix, Pitt plays General Stanley McMahon, four stars, based on general Stanley McChrystal. It is, like the characters I mentioned earlier, an absolute caring. But not in the traditional sense.

As these characters, general McMahon idiosyncrasies – an exaggerated accent, and the most memorable commandment course (you’ve read well) of Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp. But under the outer Memo, which is, like Chad Burn after reading, Aldo the Apache Damn bastards, a man completely out of his element, controlled – behind his back – by larger (and much smarter) organisations.

McMahon sent to Afghanistan at the end of the war – which, according to most, advertising was a complete nightmare – to the end. The whole operation has the appearance of an elaborate crisis management exercise, with experts in communication, professional relationship with the media, and not, as would have been the case, a large-scale reconstruction of a nation destroyed by drugs and the violence. Imagine if Salman Khan after the revolving door failures he was involved in, instead of hiring professionals and launched his organisation Being Human, was simply sending his Shera trusted body protector to hit someone silently so stupid as to be a challenge.